Mid July. The sun scorches mercilessly.

Fortunately, there is a playground of the USSR times hidden in the shadow of century-old lindens and oaks on the outskirts of the city recreation park.

I sat in a shady cool on an old bench and tried to read some kind of book in a soft cover. It was a weekday and there were few people in the park. The bulk of the population escaped from the heat in nearby reservoirs or rushed to the sea. Well, my son and I decided to stay in the city and retire in the park, on an old but fully equipped playground. Of course, I had to go through the whole city, but not many quiet places remained, where you can stay in peace and quiet.

My Aleshka, 4 years old, was busy in the sandbox with a new dump truck, which for some reason called “eskavatal”. Probably, he was so impressed with the excavator he had seen recently that all the cool cars he now had were “excavators”.

Besides us, there was only a young mother on the playground with a red-haired girl about three years old. While her daughter was building cakes on the other end of the sandbox, and was humming some childish song under her nose, the young woman had been chatting with someone on her cell phone for half an hour, standing at the far edge of the fence and looking askance at her girl.

Pretending to read (somehow the story did not go to my head) I began to secretly, with interest look at the stranger.

28-30 years old, youthful, smart, athletic, of medium height. From under the short light beige skirt, tanned and sporty slender legs opened. High platform sandals accentuated her calves, a small tattoo was visible on her ankle, and marigolds on her legs gleamed with mother-of-pearl varnish. When the girl turned in my direction, she suddenly wanted to yawn and stretch, which she did, not tearing herself away from the phone, lifting her elbows wide apart. From this movement on a white loose blouse, small tubercles of breasts with sharp nipples appeared, which flashed with dark specks under the light-colored fabric of a blouse. I felt a hot surge in my pants and became even more interested in this random stranger. But then she ended the phone conversation and turned off the phone, headed for a nearby shop, facing my corner and half hidden in the shade of a lime tree. She sat down, placing a small backpack beside her, and stretched her legs. Dangling a sandal, she took out a baby bottle of water from her backpack and called her daughter:

- Karina, you do not want to drink?

- No, - the girl said, - we need!

And only here I noticed that while I was staring at the charming stranger, my son had already met the girl in the sandbox and they play together quite together. The same thing was uttered aloud in a low pleasant voice to a stranger.

- It seems our children got along! My daughter is usually very difficult to converge with other children.

- Yes. - I could only answer, not knowing what to say yet.

- Love to read? - she turned again more interested.

- Well, like this. With this tomboy it’s impossible to immerse myself in a book, so I take more time to sit on an open book than to delve into its reading.

- And I love to read! The most different literature. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Coelho, Saint-Exupery, Remarque.

- I used to love to read Remarque.

- Earlier? And now?

- Well, like everything that he had known - read.

So we talked about books, about children, about the weather. The girl's name was Sophia and she simply bewitched with her gentle voice, white-toothed smile, and ... chiselled, tanned knees. A spacious blouse hid from me a confirmation that there was no linen on the girl, but I saw that when she reached the fence, it was enough to know about this and this knowledge worried me, forcing me to glance over the female breast.

Our children cheerfully and lively lopatali a few meters away from us, when Sofia told about the vivid impressions of the trip to Sochi, it was at this moment that everything happened.

Instinctively, with side vision, I felt that Alyoshka was running towards me, but Sophia told me so vividly that for a moment I just could not take my eyes off her, and turning my head a couple of seconds later, I was horrified.

My child, a couple of minutes ago, peacefully playing in the sandbox runs towards me, all soiled from head to toe with mud and pressing a dump truck to the chest with the same dirty hands, the body of which is filled with some kind of silky viscous slurry, apparently in a puddle nearby.

- Folder, look, eskavatal! - here he stumbles right in front of me and losing his balance begins to fall. I jumped up, managed to catch my son, and the contents of the toy truck splashes onto my bright summer pants.

- Well, you - well done. - I could only pronounce it by putting my son on the ground and looking at the trousers soiled with brown-brown divorces. - And how should we go home now?

- Dad, flop me! - little son realized that he had done something wrong and pouted his lips, ready to cry from his guilt.

- Nothing! Everything is fixable. - I patted his blonde head.

- You know what? - Sofia said, observing everything that happened from the side. - I live in that house. Come to me, we wash everything on the balcony, everything will dry out very quickly in the sun.

“Yes, somehow embarrassing,” I was embarrassed.

“I live alone,” as if reading my thoughts about her husband’s reaction ahead of me, Sophia. - Come on?

- Come on. - my son answered guiltily, while I was wondering how to refuse more softly.

- Karina, let's go home! - Her mother called and when the girl, a little cleaner than my little son came up to us, we set off down an old, cracked asphalt pavement to the nearest five-story building.

One-room apartment on the fourth floor was furnished modestly, but with taste. While Sofia was washing her kids in the bathroom, I was waiting in the kitchen, crouching on the edge of the stool. The young woman coped with the children rather quickly and finding suitable trousers for Alyoshka (they were the same with Karina), she sent the kids to eat fast food and drink cocoa, and she called me to the bathroom.

- I am afraid I cannot offer you anything from clothes, but I have a big towel, you can roll in it for now. - Sophia lingered in the bathroom for a few seconds, looking at me strangely and as if wanting to say something else, but then abruptly turned and left the bathroom.

She returned fairly quickly (I just managed to unbutton the belt), clutching a large dark green terry towel to me. And again this strange, slightly blurred look. Putting the towel on the typewriter, the girl stretched out her hands to my fly and unzipped the zipper and pulled off my pants along with my underpants. Cool fingers gently touched the rapidly swelling desire of the flesh and skillfully exposed the head. She squatted down and looking up into my eyes, took the dick in her mouth.

Through the door ajar we heard the babbling of our little ones, who ate in the next room, and this was embarrassing, but it also agitated by its prohibition, some excitement of being accidentally caught by children in such a piquant situation. Sophia caressed me very skillfully, using moist lips, a rough, brisk tongue, thin delicate fingers, painted with a pale pink manicure, which pleasantly touched, squeezed, slightly scratched, touched the trunk of the penis, the fingers of the other hand did all this with the eggs. The orgasm surged suddenly and very quickly, and I did not even have time to warn Sophia that I was finishing, just stared at the member, from which fat drops of semen were rapidly spilling onto the girl’s face and blouse. She, on the contrary, was not embarrassed and dexterously caught another ejection of semen with her lips, swallowed it, followed by plunging the head into its mouth and savoring it there until I finished pouring out.

Still clutching the already falling member in her fist, she rose and for some time looked into my eyes with a smile. I could hear the musky smell of semen and the unobtrusive perfume emanating from her. Having wiped the drips on her cheek and chin by the edge of the towel, she handed it to me, saying calmly: ...

- Rumble bye, I poured tea there with sandwiches. Your son’s pants and clothes will be turned on for a “quick wash” for half an hour and ready. On the balcony dries quickly.

I, wrapped in a towel, sat down at the table, having pulled a mug of black tea to me. The children chatted among themselves, not paying any attention to me. A minute later, Sophia joined us. We, unlike children, didn’t talk a bit, or rather I didn’t know what to say, Sofia was also silent, looking at the kids with a smile.

- Where is your mom? - Karina suddenly asked Aleshka.

- My mom in Aflik. She is a laytyla. Shoots a movie elephant elephants.

Sophia looked at me, raising her eyebrow in surprise.

- It really is. Our mother is all completely immersed in the work. Now they are filming a documentary series about elephants. She is an assistant director. Absent for 6-8 months. So Aleshka and I usually by themselves.

Sophia, having listened, somehow sadly smiled and looked at the tablecloth, and her daughter suddenly shouted:

- Oh, mom, what have you got? On the fur coat, some specks.

- Mom got dirty! - Sophia retorted and we simultaneously blushed with paint.

- Ugh! Mum of the chun-mun, chun-mun! - Karina laughed and she was immediately picked up by my Alyoshka. - Chunya-munya! Vtorili children and loudly laughing mouthpicked porridge.

- So! - Sophia said sternly, but her eyes were smiling. - have eaten?

- Yeah! - in one voice shouted the kids.

- Then sleep!

- Nooo! - they cried again, but both eyes were naughty. And While Sophia cleared the table and straightened the sofa, the little ones were already nodding off.

- Let him sleep. She suggested. - just when they wake up and their clothes go dry.

- I'm not against! - I replied.

After putting the children in, Sophia took the laundry out of the machine and I went with her to the balcony to help him hang it. I kept the pelvis, and the girl deftly removed the dried clothes from the dryer and clung to the trailers freshly washed. At the same time, every time she raised her hands up on the blouse, the small specks of her nipples sharply darkened. Watching, I again felt the desire in the lower abdomen.

Having finished with the laundry, we went to the kitchen, where Sophia had already addressed me to you.

- You do not want to take a shower?

I nodded, and my hands were already attracting her head for a kiss. The girl did not interfere, on the contrary, she sympathetically leaned towards me and after half a second was already in my arms. A small mouth with strong lips was supple and sweet from tea.

My hands greedily caressed her small breasts through the blouse, and then penetrated the short skirt completely, feeling for thin panties and a rustling daily under them, I pushed them to the side and began to caress the flesh that was slippery with moisture. Sophia started, as if discharged by the current, when I touched her clitoris with my fingertips, and lightly bit my lip. I increased the pace with my fingers, pressing a towel into her thigh with a towel, from which the girl buried her shoulder, then felt her ear with lips and began to kiss and bite it, and then penetrated the tip of the tongue inside, forcing me to shiver from goosebumps.

I knelt down and, holding my panties with my hand, stuck to a friendly, pink hairless sponge, feeling the salty taste of her soft juice. Sophia's erotic stories at the same time were pulling her nipples through her shirt, moaning softly through her teeth. I got up, unable to hold back any longer, pulled the towel off myself, surprising the girl with a rearing member, and already wanted to open it with cancer, near the kitchen table, but she anticipated me:

- Not here. We go to the shower.

She went first, not even bothering to pull up her skirt, enticing me with a delicious buttock of a small elastic ass, and unbuttoned her blouse on the way.

When the door closed behind me, she turned to face me and, opening her blouse, showed me her neat semicircular breasts with bright red pupils of the nipples.

- You want me?

- Yes! - I answered dully.

- Take it! - She replied, looking me straight in the eye.

And then a blouse fell to her legs, and in a couple of seconds an unbuttoned skirt and panties. And I stood and ate with my eyes the perfect beauty of her figure. Smoothly shaved pubis, hiding secret mink. Long legs, flat stomach. Small breasts. Blonde hair barely touching the tips of the shoulders.

She turned gracefully and leaning her hands on the sink, bent over her a little, bent at the back, while looking at me through the reflection in the mirror. A little tight, but I pushed into it and paused for a moment, enjoying the sensations of immersion in it, I started with slow movements, increasing the pace more and more ...


It was already evening, an empty minibus was taking us home. Tired of the adventures of Alyoshka, he dozed off again in the next seat. And I remembered and scrolled the events of today.

How Sophia pressed her sweat-covered back and buttocks into me when I entered her from behind.

As our heated bodies washed hard stream of the soul.

As I kissed off transparent water droplets from the body of a young woman, starting from the face and dropping lower and lower until I reached her toes.

As we, before my departure, were hotly kissing in the kitchen, while the children drank a milkshake in the room and watched cartoons, I again felt a desire, caressing the tubercles of her breasts with her palms, while she squeezed my buttocks and pressed tightly against me with my whole body. himself again vzdyblenny in trousers member.

I looked at the blond head of a sleeping boy and thought that if it were not for him with his “escort”, then such an exciting event would not have happened in my life!