- Not! You are welcome! Just not the rod!

After each of my words, I passionately kissed her foot. Nude Oksana tenderly looked at me and laughed with slight surprise, putting her foot under my kisses.

- You are welcome! I beg you! Anything but a rod!

I really was afraid of the rod. Sometimes, when I was brutally excited and well attached, she could be tolerated and even found something interesting in the whipping process. The gag also helped a lot - it was possible to bite him when another blow fell on my ass. But it was never an easy thing. Today I was not ready for this.

- Give me a belt? Oh please! The rest is all you want!

I wasn't sure I could convince her. Oksana takes decisions in bed, all I could do was get on my knees and ask. But I continued to support my requests with kisses. Despite the fear of a possible meeting with the rod, I enjoyed myself sucking her fingers, licking my heel and gently touching my feet with my lips. And lover Oksana did not resist.

- Okay! The rods will be next time, and now carry me a belt and go to bed. We will play "Whip and Gingerbread" ...

Before any sex laid spanking, these are the rules. Harsh torture with a rod or a gentle play with a whip, but I should already be whipped when we start making love. “Whip and Gingerbread” is the only exception: spanking and sex begin at the same time.

Oksana sat on the bed, leaning back. I stood on my hands and knees in front of her, hesitated for a second, and resolutely kissed her lips. For a few seconds we were kissing wildly, but then she pushed me all the same and showed me the finger down.

I love to work with my mouth in bed, but one thing is when Oksana just sits on my face and tells me to lick, then I can practically “relax and have fun”, besides looking at her gorgeous breasts; much harder to do the same while whipping. In this, however, the whole point. For me, this is a great attention concentration exercise. The belt whistled down on my ass, the body twitching slightly from each blow, but I myself completely focused on what I was doing with my tongue. They say that Julius Caesar could do two things at the same time. I wonder if he would have done with the “Carrot and Whip”?

Oksana's breathing became more frequent, and the belt beats, on the contrary, were more rare. For her, “Whip and Gingerbread” is also a test: it's hard to have fun, and not to forget about spanking. I was able to take a little breath. Without stopping to lick, I carefully raised one hand and touched her nipple. There was no blow, so I guessed her desire. I raised my other hand more confidently and began to massage her breasts. The moments when, during sex, my hands are not tied, happen lately not so often and need to be able to use them correctly. I used correctly: Oksana groaned. I did not dare to break away from my carrot to look, but I was almost sure that she was biting her lower lip with pleasure ...

Hit! Another blow! And further!

This series of signals made me realize that I was too relaxed. I started moving my tongue faster, and then more and more quickly, but the blows did not end anymore. Now Oksana asked them a rhythm, in time with which I licked. My fingers clenched on her nipples, not only my tongue, but my whole head was moving at a frantic pace, and it seemed as if they were lowering my skin from the buttocks; Oksana groaned, her legs and lower abdomen began to tremble. We went to the finish line to orgasm.

Oksana is left-handed, and she holds the belt in her left hand. Her right hand fell on my shoulder and dug into my back with brightly colored nails. It was painful, but I was even glad: it distracted me from pain elsewhere. Oksana, meanwhile, struggled in orgasmic convulsions, gradually slipping lower and lower, and she was almost under me. But so far she hasn't been bothered by it and I gently kissed her nipples and tummy. The belt slipped out of a weakened hand, the grip on my shoulder loosened and Oksana relaxed, breathing evenly and taking this dubious vanilla weasel without objection. I knew it wouldn't last long.

After a little rest and stopping my kisses with a pair of light slaps, Oksana blindfolded my eyes and ordered me to lie and masturbate while she prepared something. Knowing that she liked to see my cock as hard as possible, I did what was told, but slowly - the last thing I wanted to do was to finish without her permission. Soon she took off the bandage and I saw that she prepared for me.

“The more the male ego, the more there must be a strap-on,” Oksana once told me. Judging by the surprise that stood on the chair, my ego has increased markedly since last time.

- Sit down! - she said.

The strap-on was attached to the chair on the suction cup and was already lubricated with lubricant, but its size confused me. I tried to figure out in my mind if he was much more than the one Oksana had fucked me last time. He did not want to disgrace himself before her.

- Sit down! - She persistently repeated, pointing at him with her index finger.

“Ah ...” I began, trying to collect my thoughts.

- Another word and you will suck it. Standing on a pea! She gently warned me. I fell silent and stepped over to the chair.

Resting my hands on a chair, I began to try to get down on the strapon. The most difficult thing is to relax and let in the first few centimeters. After the recent flogging, it is always somehow easier, but I used to do it lying down, so at first nothing worked.

Oksana came closer and put her hands on my shoulders. Her chest was right in front of my face. Even in such a difficult situation, I found that I only think about her boobs. She noticed it too.

- You can kiss. - she allowed, and when I dug into them, pressed on my shoulders. Easy, stronger, even stronger ... and here I was already impaled on a spit.

Instantly, I felt the difference between anal sex and this. When Oksana had me, she did not enter the entire length - at least, not immediately. Now, in obedience to the power, I descended lower and lower, approaching the base. It was uncomfortable, I tensed again and the movement stopped.

Oksana chuckled merrily. Looking up at her, I realized that I had not noticed at what point I stopped kissing her breasts. Her hands were still on my shoulders. Our eyes met. After a moment, she threw her leg over me and sat on my lap in the pose of a rider. Groaning, I sank down a few centimeters, for which I was immediately rewarded with a passionate kiss on the neck. Then Oksana carefully, but firmly took me by the hands and led them over the back of the chair, depriving me of support. A few more centimeters. The handcuffs clinked and clicked, hanging, as it turned out, on the back of the chair - I was so impressed with the strap-on that I didn't notice them at all. Oksana rubbed her pubis about my dick, and then swayed forward, carrying all her weight on me. My buttocks finally felt the surface of the chair. I managed!

- Well done! - whispered pleased Oksana and kissed me.

But the surprise did not end there. While I, often breathing, tried to get used to the sensations, Oksana got up and moved aside. I was so pleased with myself that I did not immediately become interested in what she was looking for there. When this question nevertheless arose in me, Oksana had already gone behind my back. Some exciting seconds, during which I did not understand what was happening, and then the strapon in me buzzed. Sex toy turned out to be a vibrator with a wireless remote!

From surprise, I twitched, but quickly calmed down when Oksana’s palms went down on my chest and her fingers began to massage my nipples. The member periodically quivered, completely out of step with the vibration, responding to my excitement. Oksana leaned over my shoulder and admired them, continuing to rotate, knead and scratch my nipples. Her hair fell on my face, and I buried myself in them, inhaling their scent, and then, unexpectedly for myself, licked her ear a couple of times. Her possible reaction disturbed me a little, but the boldness turned out to be in place - Oksana just giggled, and I began to lick her ear ...

already completely calm

After a while, Oksana was distracted by the remote control, pressed something, and the vibrator beneath me started working faster. I leaned back with a groan and my head was on Oksana's chest. She leaned in again and we began to kiss. The bum was burning from the inside, and the vibration was already given in the whole body. I have never been able to finish like this without touching a member, but I felt that I would fix it right away, unless Oksana turned off ...

Oksana turned it off. Anal orgasm slipped away again.

- Alive ... in ... bed! - she said confusedly, hastily unbuttoning the handcuffs. Only now I realized how excited she was. - Do not take out the vibrator! - she blurted out before I could formulate the question. I was delighted with the thought that now finally fuck her.

Well, not quite. At least, Oksana is doing everything so that it can not be called that. Even if she is from the bottom, she has the means for this: a collar with a leash or cowboy boots with spurs, with which she drives me, reminding me who is in charge here. But this is rare - usually Oksana wants to be a rider in a more obvious sense.

My arms and legs were tied with leather loops to the bed posts. Warmed up utterly, Oksana tightened them so much that I could barely move, and then, not concealing my impatience at all, I sat down on my dick and jumped.

For a while, we both just enjoyed it. My cock went back and forth inside her, her ass (which I hadn’t even had a chance to touch for all of today) slammed my balls, and her hair was jumping on her shoulders - in rhythm with dark pink hard nipples. Her hands rested against my chest, her fingers slowly squeezed and unclenched.

For several such heavenly minutes, I finally forgot that there is a vibrator in me. But Oksana did not forget. Having satisfied the first hunger and returning to her movements her usual slow pace, she reached for the bedside table at the familiar console. I was vibrated again. I groan and roll my eyes.

- Hey! - Oksana's hand fell on my throat and my fingers clenched slightly. - Well, look at my boobs!

I obeyed. My lustful eyes and the vibration transmitted to her brought her even stronger than at first, so the jump accelerated. Oksana was breathing intermittently, her nails were already slightly digging into my skin. It seemed to me that the toy works even faster than when I was sitting on it.

- Did you turn it on to a faster mode? - I asked.

“If you talk ... I'll stick it in your mouth ... your panties ...” Oksana declined to answer.

- You will not thrust! - I answered confidently. I knew that she would not want to get off my dick even for a second. Oksana laughed bitterly and, gently running three fingers over my lips, put them in my mouth. I immediately began to suck them. One way or another, Oksana got her way: I became silent.

Another couple of minutes passed, during which I tried to adjust the movements of my lips to the rhythm set by Oksana's movement - and ignore the frantic pace of the vibrator - and then she took her fingers out of my mouth. I thought she wanted to ask me something. Her smile was very crafty. After a moment, I understood why.

Oksana, without stopping jumping on my penis, squeezed me tightly with her knees and began to tickle my sides and armpits.


I screamed, laughed and twitched furiously. The jump turned into a rodeo. This was what interested Oksana most of all: the loops did not allow me to dodge the tickling, and my convulsions increased her pleasure. I had tears in my eyes. Oksana stopped tickling me, but as soon as I took a deep breath, having decided that everything was over, she began again. I again huddled under it, with every attack of laughter penetrating into it deeper and deeper ...

We finished at the same time. Oksana screamed, closing her eyes, her fingers stopped tickling me and squeezed, like her flesh around my penis. I was shaken by contractions - her orgasm outside and mine from the inside. Not only my penis was reduced, as usual, but everything, from the ass to the abdominal muscles. My fingers, and not only on the hands, also convulsively clenched, meaninglessly grabbing the air.

Finally the orgasm is over. Oksana miraculously reached for the remote and carefully turned off the vibrator already beginning to interfere, and then, without dismounting from me, fell on my chest.

- I love you! - we said in chorus, and, as if confirming our words, buckled with a buckle, slipping from the back of the bed loosened by us, the belt Oksana whipped me through.