A series of stories with fictional characters and events, with a general introductory description of the characters and the environment, with a detailed description of non-standard situations and motivation of the characters in order to present a psychological game.

When Sergey was 25, he settled in a large and solid company. His department of six people sat in a separate office. Since there were problems with the office space, the secretary of the head of a large division of this company was sitting in the same office with him. Her name was Anastasia. At that time she was 23. Young, quite a pretty brunette with dark skin. She loved to talk on the phone for a long time and without a word, and she pretty much got out of many of her colleagues. She seemed quite nice to Sergei, so he even tried to flirt with her, sometimes calling for dinner together. But it did not have much success, so he began to lose interest in her. The only thing left was irritation from her sometimes through a chur of loud telephone conversations, while other people needed to focus and do their work. So three years passed, then Sergey successfully changed jobs, moving to a good management position at another company. Two more years of work there and Sergei got good acquaintances and accumulated quite good capital in order to open his own business. So in 30 years, he becomes CEO of his still small company. Things are going very well. In two years, this is a small but strong and stable company.


He is now 32 years old. He is pleased with himself, he has done a good job, he understands that. Having never had much success with women, Sergey decides that his financial condition will help to fix it. He looks good, attends a fitness room, dresses well. But the work takes a lot of time and energy. He does not want a serious relationship, but rather some kind of relationship at will. Only when he wants.

And the idea of ​​how this can be organized quickly comes to his mind, tired of working Friday afternoon. He is sitting in his office in a black cloth chair. He did not like the skin, he was hot in it. Sergey turns in his hand a glass of expensive Scotch whiskey, which he liked to drink in small quantities on Friday evenings. Sometimes he did it with colleagues, and, with absolutely anyone, if by that time she was at her workplace. But now he is alone. Closing his eyes, he mixes a burning, oily liquid in his mouth, trying to fully experience the taste of a thirty-year-old scotch. He swallows and chews his crumbled oak aftertaste with pleasure.

“And if I hire a secretary myself? After all, there is a need for this, a lot of small things for which I am already tired of wasting time and energy. But ... what if you assign a high salary ... well, at the interview say that it is not just that it is high ... that is, it will be some kind of personal mistress who is always there, at hand. " From these thoughts, he straightened in his chair. His head seemed to dissipate from the everyday evening fog and became as clear as the December frosty night. He turned the whiskey in his glass and inhaled the honey-vanilla scent, simultaneously contemplating his thought. "So what? I think many girls will agree to that. Immediately receive so much money ... Yes, and in general, I am not a freak, with a good figure, not an old man. Yes! It's so easy. ” Immediately, according to his habit, he began to consider possible pitfalls and disadvantages of this undertaking. Of course, there were a lot of such ... but the temptation, easily and without effort to get a lover at your disposal, threw back all doubts.

The next day, he asked his “staff member” Vika to publish a vacancy. He had been thinking for a long time whether to indicate the amount of the salary ... He did not want Vika to be aware of the rate and could understand everything. The company will hear that the secretary of the boss receives two hundred thousand rubles. And everyone will understand everything. But then, I decided not to bother and said that it was necessary only for a large flow of candidates for a vacancy. Thus, the vacancy of the secretary with a salary of 200,000 rubles immediately began to receive a lot of resumes. Sergei sat and sorted out the first packs. Immediately discarding those in which age did not match his wishes. Somewhere the age was not specified. Then he sat for a long time, peering at the small letters describing the skills of the candidates who were almost like a carbon copy written off from each other and after a few days of such analyzes, he no longer distinguished them.

Sergey decided not to spend a lot of time watching and called Vika.

- Vic.

- Yes, Sergei - Sergei loved informal communication and could not tolerate when his staff called him by name and patronymic. Therefore, everyone in the company addressed him by name. Who is on "You", who is on "You" ... but surely by name.

- Come on, invite the first five girls there. I have tomorrow after six free. - He thought a bit - and let's, one in six, the second in seven. And so every day.

- Well ... yes, good. Anyone what?

- Yes, just come first. And then how can we find someone, I’ll say enough.

- Yes, no problem, I will.

- Thank you, Vick. Until.

- Until.

Sergey leaned back in his chair. At this moment, it came to him the realization that it would not be easy to choose. In addition, the percentage agreed to the "add. work "will not be very large. But he had no doubt that in a week he would be able to find a suitable girl.

The next day, he spoke with two girls. Both were cute and young. They liked Sergey. This gave him confidence in his venture. Moreover, one agreed to the proposal, and the second just got up and left.

- Well, Anna. We will contact you. - Sergey said goodbye to the second girl. She was a pretty dyed blonde, but Sergei did not want to hurry. He decided that he needed to talk with at least ten girls. So how can you hurry and miss some interesting option.

It was Wednesday. Dry and warm day was coming to an end. The clock was six, as in the office of Sergei knocked. It was a woman of thirty-five, with a short haircut and a ridiculous rim on them. She greeted her and sat down in the armchair prepared for the interview. Sergey's face with difficulty kept a smile and a friendly expression on himself, which was about to slip down somewhere. Interest in the girl quickly disappeared, and he simply reported a sample proposal for the vacancy in question. She said something in response, talking about her previous jobs, her brisk eyes and moving lips expressed a wild interest in the vacancy. Especially, to its financial part. Sergey noticed this instantly, but did not quickly release the visitor out of a sense of respect and tact. Honestly listening to her stories, some of which he just missed, looking as if into emptiness, piercing through his interlocutor, falling into some thoughts about upcoming contracts with customers, meetings, financial reports ... and all that is for sure he was more important than the woman who sat in front of him and tried with all her might to make an impression.

Sergey was glad to say goodbye to her. And there was another interview ahead. There was a knock and the door opened.

- Uh ... Oh! Hey. - There was a painfully familiar voice to Sergey and a light but sonorous laugh, which somehow was not relevant at this moment.

- Nastya. Wow, hello. - Having a little paused, but having come to his senses in time, he answered.

Nastya stood for a few seconds in the doorway, a little discouraged by the non-standard situation, but then she deftly went to the chair and sat on it, opposite Sergey.

- Is that your looking for a secretary? - Fun asked Nastya.

- Yes.

“Mmm ...” she shook her head efficiently and looked around a bit. - Your company? She asked, although she already knew what the answer would be.

- Yes. - Sergey answered with a smile. His smile was quite real, he was actually even glad to see a familiar face after so many years. Nastya has not changed much over the years, even, maybe, she has gotten prettier. But at the same time, she was easily recognized by her facial expressions, movements, intonation of th

that Nastya. Sergey even remembered the slight irritation that he had been experiencing over the past six months working there towards her.

- How are you doing though? - Sergey asked to bring down the awkward two-second silence that prevailed in the office.

- Oh ... damn ... Yes, in general, normal. - She began with her usual style of communication. - If you do not assume that two years ago she divorced her husband.

- Why?

- Yes, and so ... As it happens with everyone, - she would have turned her face as if she were upset, then she would cheer up again - but all was for the better. Tell me who are looking for what you want to do?

- Um ... Well, yes, of course.

Sergey told her the main tasks of his secretary. But at the same time he concealed the reason why he set such a high salary for this position. He felt somehow uncomfortable not for a stranger to say it so openly and in his eyes, so he decided to just talk with her and say goodbye. After Sergey finished, he stared inquiringly at Nastya.

- Clearly ... clearly ... - she nodded thoughtfully, after hearing the story of Sergey. “Well ... you know me what and how,” she said, and a short chuckle broke out when she finished speaking.

Sergey wanted to hit the formalism and ask her to tell about his work. But then he decided that it was not necessary. He has already taken a certain decision on Nastya. Therefore, I decided to make a view that I was satisfied with her answer and not delay their communication.

Having chatted for another five minutes on abstract topics, Sergey began to bring the conversation to an end.

- Listen, Serge, well, you're so good at all. Just recently, they worked together. - Began to return to the topic of work Nastya. “So it’s not difficult here, I’ve done it all already, I’ll cope with it, I have experience, good ... even worked with contracts.” - Nastya tried to please by all means. At the same time, she experienced internal discomfort, almost stepping over herself. After all, for her, Sergey was just a colleague, and now she is fawning on him, and does not do it very well, and is not able to hide her woman’s creep in front of Sergey, as to those who can now give her an excellent paid job. Therefore, her communication looks deliberately attentive to Sergey and friendly. She tries to emphasize what a young man he is and that she has always been confident that he will be able to become a good leader.

“Of course, I came running for a high salary, the bitch is stupid and builds a super specialist out of herself,” thought Sergey angrily.

- Do you have so many candidates already? Look, I worked in Word, and I know Excel. Tables were in terms of turnover by customers, remember? You still asked how in Eksele search to make a list? - Nastya did not let herself go, trying to fill her own worth and prove her future utility.

Sergey was already beginning to enrage this endless chatter, the meaning of which was no more than in the advertising leaflets, which are piled asleep in mailboxes at doorways.

- Yes, I remember, - Sergey tried to show his politeness.

- And in the end I made up everything, considered, sent Igor Anatolyevich. In the Word, how many contracts verified. Pancake. There were so many mistakes. Well, in general, how and who made them up there? - Nastya entered into a light spirit and seemed to stand like a surfer on a wave. But after a minute, Sergey is even beginning to amuse. Now, he was already looking at her with interest, watching how she carried any nonsense just to please him and get the cherished place. He played with her like a bow with a cat who was not going to give it to her.

- Well, you, that is, spelling scrubbed there?

- Of course! And in general, the design. There was a nightmare, as in general such contracts are. A lot of what documentation worked. And acts of reconciliation did.

Sergey spent a couple of minutes having fun with her, asking a few questions to hear stupid answers.

- Oh well. Vika will contact you then for feedback.

Nastya just hesitated, she was expecting some kind of a positive decision now, but when she heard the name of the “personnel officer”, her joy slightly subsided.

- Yes of course. Well, it was nice to see Seryozh.

Nastya well cheered Sergey's mind, tired by the evening, with her sudden appearance. “Damn, how stupid and annoying she is, it is not surprising that her husband left. It is difficult, I suppose, to endure this every day. However, these are already her problems and her husband, I shouldn’t be condemned here, their business is how they should have lived. ”

It took a couple of days. Sergey noticed one girl who came for an interview. Sitting at home on Saturday, he had already made his choice. As his phone blurted out from the incoming SMS. He took it and looked. Unknown room He was not surprised. Anyone could write about the business, so he opened the message:

“Seryozh, hello. This is Nastya. Did not receive feedback from Wiki. Maybe she just forgot to write to me. Have you already decided on a vacancy or not? Am I coming up or not? ”

Sergey raised his eyebrows in surprise. He took it as a little such impudence from Nastya. “If you haven’t given feedback, isn’t it clear that you aren’t suitable?” He resented. Moreover, he was outraged by the fact that she wrote not directly to Vika, but directly to him. As if they were good old acquaintances. “Where did she get my phone from?” From an old job, go ... that is, it was she who looked for my former colleagues, found out who owned my number from them, took my number and wrote to me. Although it is so clear, if it works, we will invite it. That's what high sn means. Without any embarrassment, he just blatantly writes and takes interest ... although ... maybe with constraint, he just decided to blunt me or beg this post and sn. "

Immediately another SMS arrives:

“I’m just very interested in this job. I think I can easily work for you. ”

“Yes, how can ... But something needs to be answered, at least from a sense of tact. Ignoring her messages is probably somehow not decent, ”thought Sergey.

Sergey has already started typing “I haven’t made my choice yet, I want to see more candidates, and maybe even close the vacancy ...”. How to stop. Thought it out. “And what, I will write as it is, empty itself decides. Though lag behind me. What should I be ashamed of ...? Who is she to me? I think that we are supposedly good friends ... and we are nobody to each other. "

“Listen, Nastya. You understand that such a high RFP is not just like that. I just want, in addition to some secretary duties, she fulfilled some non-standard requests. Intimate nature. I do not want to speak on the topic is it right or wrong. It is just like that. I so want and put such demands. If the candidate is not satisfied, then I just look at the other. ” Sergey stared at the text written by him for some time. I reread it several times, trying to understand if everything is clearly written in it. Everything was clearer nowhere. He pressed the "Send" button. At that moment, he felt a slight tickling in his stomach. A smile appeared on his face. She caught herself thinking that he really enjoyed it all. It was like some kind of game, but with real bets.

The phone lay next to him. He sat on the couch and waited for the message. But it was not. The excitement grew. It would seem from where is it? He is a serious businessman, what does he care about any girl who wants to earn a freebie. Yes, there are thousands. But this game captured him. Perhaps the key role was played by the fact that they were not familiar and had previously been on equal footing. And five years ago she even, one might say, cut him off. And now he is trying to beg for a position from him. There is nothing better than games with lively feelings. It is always interesting and unpredictable.

The clock counted out ten minutes. To be sure, he looked at the phone. No messages. Another minute and here he is, the sound of the message that flashed his head all the way to the brain. He could not help smiling.

His hand took the phone ... put the screen in front of her eyes. He hesitated a little, teasing his curiosity and stirring up interest in himself. Opens the message:

“You did not say anything about this at the interview. Well, in general, something ..

understandably. Is this why I am not suitable? ”

His smile widened. "Wow ... she doesn’t seem to refuse." He seemed to burn inside. “What if she was offered? Damn ... I can not even imagine how I will do it with her. After all, we all know. And she will fulfill my bawdy whims ... Tempting ... I can allow it ... why not take advantage of it? "

“Well, yes, I did not say. I just do not know how you feel about this. Therefore, I did not make a decision about you, ”he wrote in response.

This time the answer came in a minute:

"That is, I can get this post?".

“You can. If you can handle everything. ”

Now was the most exciting wait. After all, in it, Sergei plan to get an answer. Although ... judging by the tone of the correspondence, it was noticeable that she was ready.


"Good. Come on Monday. By ten in the morning. Take labor with you and Vike. She will issue you and give the contract. Then you can go to my office. There you will have a workplace. ”

Sergey sent a message with a slight sense of satisfaction and even more interest. After all, now everything has been decided. The answer came, but he did not cause much trepidation. Sergey calmly opened a message from Nastya:

"Good. On Monday at ten I will come. Will I have a salary of 200,000? Per month?".

"Yes that's right".

For Nastya, it was all as if not really. No, of course, she was aware of what Sergey told her in SMS. But ... it was all so far away. This all will not be right now, but someday. Before her eyes, now she had only 200,000 figures. It was for them that her consciousness clung, drawing pictures of a better life, financial independence and fulfillment of various desires in her head. She was so grateful to Sergey for his consent to take her to work, that she was ready to endure any suggestion and attitude to herself at that moment. At the same time, she was pleased with herself that she was able to get this job, that, due to Sergey’s obscene proposal, she tried to throw herself into the farthest corner of her consciousness so as not to darken the taste of a small victory.

She came on Monday. As requested by Sergey, at the appointed hour. At eleven, she was with him. He put her at the table at which she was to work. The table was in a small office, which was directly in front of Sergei's office.

- Here, open this file, which I threw in your mail. Here is a description of how we keep records of documents with us, how to sort them into folders, how to print them and so on. For the first couple of days, you just have to get acquainted.

“Yes, I understood,” Nastya obediently nodded her head, reading the file sent to her with genuine interest.

Sergey stood beside her and watched her out of the corner of her eye. “And what ... so I can just take it and fuck it? Or give it to her mouth ...? And she calmly and obediently take? I wonder how it will look.

Almost all week, Sergei rarely appeared in the office - there were visiting meetings.

It's Friday. Nastya was in a good mood. Brought to Sergei coffee, which he asked her. As if nothing had happened, she brought a mug to his office, set it in front of him, blurted out a couple of remarks, to which Sergey just laughed off. Friday was not very tense.

- Seryozh, will you go to dinner? I want to go, - as if nothing had happened, Nastya calmly fluttered into his office and asked.

- Yes ... yes, I think to go. - Sergei answered, looking up from his thoughts.

They went to a cafe together and had lunch. Then came back. On the way, their casual conversation seemed like a friendly conversation, but Sergey’s thoughts were already absorbed in lust and debauchery.

Returning, he sat down in his chair. He got the phone and wrote Nastya SMS.

“You're not in a hurry tonight?” He wrote to her and, without thinking twice, sent it. He was determined to finally get his own. Who is the boss in the end? And besides, there is an agreement, which he had every right to implement. He wanted to finally break the sense of immunity to Nastya.

In the next room there was a knock on the keys of the keyboard.

"Reads SMS" - Sergey thought.

Nastya read SMS. She immediately understood everything. Her heart pounded faster. Here it is, this moment has come. He should have come sometime. She understood this, but in every possible way she kicked off at the thought.

With a trembling finger, she dialed the answer:

"Do not rush."

Sergey received an answer. Well, he had been thinking about this text all day. And now, this moment has come. Now he has to write it. Everything inside him shrank. He was annoyed by this ... why is he so worried? What kind of nonsense? But nothing could be done about it. Therefore, he again decided to take it as a game ... a game with real bets. Only now he is close to victory, you just need not miss it ... This text. He bore him all day. Such a simple text ... five words. He very carefully thought through each of them. Each put in its place. And he relished ... in his thoughts, he had repeatedly sent this message to her and presented what she would feel when she read it. Now there is the last step, to implement.

"Can you make me a blowjob today?"

It was relaxed ... as a matter of course, compare with a small personal request, supposedly to pick up a jacket from dry cleaning or to make coffee. This is not particularly difficult and not particularly burdensome work. He read several times ... His dick stirred. A slight fear ran over his skin ... "what if there is no agreement ...? What if this is all a figment of my fantasy? And what if she did not understand about sex? ”- slippery doubts got into his head. But he understood that all the agreements were there and everyone understood everything correctly. He sent a message.

“Come on, bitch, it's time to work out your sn. “He thought sarcastically.

The answer came quickly:

"Yes I can".

Sergey exhaled. “Well, it just happens. So that's great".

That moment came that Nastya tried not to think about. But she reacted to this as to some serious boss assignment that needs to be carried out with full responsibility and not to disappoint him. She was so grateful to Sergei for taking her to this job, that she was ready to carry out his assignment, which, in her own conviction, was more than reasonable. It also helped Nastya’s self-conviction that Sergey was very good to her all this week, he also politely addressed some things that he could charge her, he did himself.

When the clock showed seven, Nastya got up and went to the toilet to look at herself in front of the mirror. She took with her mascara and foundation. Has corrected a hairdress, has brought eyes. For a few seconds, she suddenly felt ashamed ... what she had come to ... she is now preening in front of a mirror to go and suck her boss. But she immediately threw away this idea, and found arguments for which all this is her direct responsibility, that Sergey is so kind to her, and she is so obliged to him that the blowjob is just such nonsense against all this background.

Sergey sat at the table. Forty grams of whiskey was poured into his glass, from which he had already drunk half. He was worried ... a little. Excitement mixed with excitement created a pleasant bouquet of feelings that he had not often experienced before ... except in his first sex. “Exactly ... it's like the first time, at 19. When I rented a hotel. He was worried, but he wanted to feel the naked body of his girlfriend, and finally get hold of him, ”he thought. Sergey really found a lot in common with that moment, and therefore, he really liked everything that was happening now.

Heels snapped behind the door ... closer and closer. The door opened and Nastya's head appeared.

- Can? - She asked with a little laugh.

- Yes, of course, come. - Said Sergey, as if looking up from his papers, although in fact, he had been waiting for her for half an hour.

Nastya ..

quietly entered, carefully closed the door and timidly began to approach Sergei, as if she was afraid of waking someone.

Sergey looked at her and smiled. Nastya approached him from the side and just stared at him with a stupid look, twisting a smile on her face to hide her embarrassment. Sergey turned in the chair to her and nodded. He himself did not know how to say and where to start. Nastya, having had a little rest, apparently having understood that he wants to sit here, just knelt down. Her face was flushed with paint, which was immediately noticed by Sergey. He liked it. In order to help her somehow, he unbuttoned his pants, raised himself on a chair to take them off. Then, he did the same with his underpants. His dick was already standing. Nastya did not know where to look, at first, timidly looking into his eyes, she caught his enthusiastic eyes, became ashamed and immediately turned her eyes down and hit them on Sergey's dick. And then she took him aside. A second later, realizing that it is lost and all this is noticeable, she again returned her gaze to the penis. Sergey read it all and received from these ridiculous movements of Nastya great pleasure.

“Come on, Nastyush,” he said very quietly.

- Yes ... of course, - Nastya squeezed a smile from herself and moved closer. Her hand, which Nastya reached for a member, was shaking. She touched the trunk with her fingertips, then gripped it completely and squeezed ...

"What am I like a young girl?" Take it in your mouth and that's it. What is easier? In addition, this member is not bad, even beautiful ”- Nastya thought, and having approached the member, she touched her head with her lips. Then, opening her lips, she plunged her head into her mouth, wet with excitement.

- Mmm ... yeah ... Well ... - Sergey said just as quietly.

He put his hand on her neck and began to stroke her. Nastya, meanwhile, began to suck the head of her penis, feeling in her tongue the salty taste of grease from her penis. Nastya smacked a member of Sergei, trying to immerse him deeper into her mouth. But only half she could do it. Sergei calmed down and just enjoyed the blowjob, holding his hand on her neck and occasionally stroking and squeezing his fingers gently. Sometimes he would get up on the back of her head and press a little, but he wouldn’t do it with force, rather, more playfully, as if he were making fun of her. Then he simply laid his hands on the armrests and completely gave free rein to Nastya. Nastya’s slightly languid breathing was heard, since she could only breathe through her nose. After three minutes of continuous sucking the member, she took it out of her mouth and began to jerk it off with his hand, to which Sergei reacted the same, he put his hand on her head and tilted it to the member.

- Go on, don't stop.

“Oh, yes — Nastya answered very briefly and fluently, as if she were guilty of something, forgive me,” she looked timidly into his eyes, and immediately the smacking of her mouth produced again.

- Mmm ... kicks ... suck without stopping, ok? - Already a little louder said Sergey, but still very gently and politely.

Nastya nodded as best she could and “uguknula”, not looking up from the blowjob. She began to try. But not to make it cum faster. She did this because she wanted to do the work that she was now assigned to. Strongly she pressed her tongue to the upper sky with her tongue and rubbed her head against it, while carefully squeezing the trunk of the penis with her lips. Within minutes, the five muscles of the tongue and lips began to tire. But she continued to suck dick despite it. Her mouth was getting very wet, accumulated a huge amount of saliva, which she swallowed with a loud sip. Part of the saliva leaked between the lips and the trunk and flowed through it.

Sergey was sitting in the same position, his arms spread over the armrests. He looked down, looked at the member and the diligent lips of Nastya.

- Take your hand, I can hardly see. - He asked.

Nastya immediately hurried to fulfill his instructions. Both her hands were lowered to the floor and now, she held a member with only one mouth. She was not very comfortable, but she did not give the form, continuing to sit in the same position, only occasionally swaying slightly to the side in order to slightly move her knees and hips, as the legs began to numb. The back began to go numb as well, but Nastya decided to endure by all means. This blow job for her suddenly became a real job. As if she was illumined by the sight that here! That's what she gets that kind of money for. What is this real job? Heavy, scrupulous. It is not easy to print contracts and lay them out in folders. Nastya wanted hard work so much, and now she got it. She began to like it. She suddenly at this very moment began to feel very important employee. No one else can do this job and do it as well as she does. A huge wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm suddenly awakened in her and gave her a surge of energy and strength. A sore back, tired lips and tongue no longer cared for her as the satisfaction of her boss. She began to suck with a new force, her head movements became more energetic, and even a little deeper. Even she breathed her breath into embedding into the rhythm of head movement.

- Yeah ... classes ... Well done, go on, do not stop only ... suck. - Tomno whispered Sergey. He really liked how Nastya tried. He easily understood that Nastya was trying and giving him a blowjob with genuine zeal and subservience, trying to please and not disappoint her boss.

After a couple of minutes of diligent blowjob, Sergey felt the approach of an orgasm.

He had already prepared these words in advance and was looking forward to hearing them. It was important for him not only to convey the information to her with his question, but to utter these words in such an insulting wording for Nastya:

- Can you drain into your mouth? Do you swallow?

Sergey understood that she would hardly refuse, therefore he did not soften his words, but said so as he had intended.

She for the first time, for the whole time of the blowjob, raised her eyes to the top in order to catch Sergey’s glance, not letting the cock out of her mouth. Nastya mumbled as she could, and nodded her head, as if it was a matter of course.

Sergey clasped the armrests with his fingers. He began to breathe heavily, it was noticeable, as his belly drops and rises again in deep breathing.

- Oooh ... yeah ... - Exactly on the exhale, he said.

His testicles were tightened to the penis, which Nastia immediately noticed, who continued to diligently suck on his penis, not paying attention to the pain in the back and the fatigue of the lips and tongue almost reaching the seizures. And finally, warm, long-awaited fluid poured into Nastya’s mouth. She was so glad that she threw a half laugh of joy out of her mouth, in which Sergey's member was still. Then she caught herself in time so as not to pour his sperm and squeezed her lips. Frowning her eyebrows, she began to suck the sperm out of her penis and swallow it in portions so as not to choke. Then, when the deal was done, she hesitantly released the member from her mouth, already looking at Sergei's face, in order to get approval for the completion of the blowjob.

Sergey straightened her hair by placing it behind her ear.

“Very well,” he said, fluently and efficiently. - Here, wipe? - As if he even timidly said, stretching the napkin to Nastya and pointing at his member with a nod. Nastya was breathing heavily, as if after a run, and obviously this was embarrassed, as she tried to hold back her heavy breathing, resisting the body, which required oxygen to catch its breath. Trying to show calm and absolute confidence, she took a napkin and began to wipe his penis, carefully holding the barrel with her second hand. At the same time, a sense of shame began to return to her. Thoughts, from which she tried to get rid of, began to climb to her like annoying mosquitoes. A light lump crushed her throat. But Nastya suppressed a smile from herself, obediently wiping the member of her boss.

When the case was over, she clenched the napkin in her fist and crawled away from Sergey to get up. Sergey got up and put on pants with pants.

- Well. Thank you, ”he said, as if they had just held some kind of workshop. With this “thank you” Sergey specifically wanted to emphasize the working-business status of the whole event, ...

to implicitly indicate once again that she sucked a member, she simply fulfilled her duties. That is what, in fact, was invited to this company.

“Yes, no wonder,” Nastya tried to answer with a fake ease, which, however, was easily identified by Sergey. She, smiling, turned to the door and smacked her heels from the office.

Nastya came out, and Sergey continued to sit in the chair, enjoying a pleasant and languid aftertaste. Shame and awkwardness are long gone, leaving only pleasant physical sensations. He now and then lost the whole situation again and again in his head, from the very first moment when Nastya entered the office until the moment she left. It was as if he wanted to feel again every second of the episode, but only now without feelings of restraint and with cooled excitement. He imagined Nastya’s feelings, and now he enjoyed them ... now, he didn’t have enough of his own sensations, he poured Nastya’s feelings into them, imagining them, modeling, restoring, from those scraps of paintings that randomly surfaced in his head, and in which he was certain. He saw in front of him a stupid and little that capable girl who humbles herself in front of his boss in pathetic attempts to please him, while pretending that everything is in order and she is absolutely happy with everything. He liked this image and he tried to remember it so that the next day, when he saw Nastya, it was this image that first came to his mind.

Nastya was glad that it was all over. She was glad that Sergey was pleased. She, in contrast to Sergey, tried to get the annoying pictures about what had happened out of her head. She had a task that she performed well. She returned home in a bit of a strange state. She, nevertheless, did not feel strong joy. Somewhere, in the depths of her soul, she felt emptiness and discomfort, because she allowed herself to use herself as she did not let anyone. And even with her ex-husband, she was tougher and more confident. But then she bent under the man as she never sagged, and as she never would have thought that such a thing was possible with her. But still, the positive thoughts that she easily found easily drowned out all the negative, their easy surplus, which was formed in the process of this search, even made it easy to flutter along the sidewalk and sing along with something.

The next morning, Sergey impatiently went to the office. He really wanted to see Nastya, imagine her feelings and absorb them. Going into the office where Nastya was sitting, he greeted him, just like on any other day. Nastya just as easily answered his greeting and smiled brightly. Closer to dinner, he asked him to make coffee. Nastya brought, and they sat down to discuss the immediate business and Sergey's business trip.

- How is the hotel, booked? - He looked carefully at her.

- Yes, there was first occupied in CityMall, I then called ApartHotel, they had it, but it’s not like you wanted, I started looking for more, called HotelPallas, there were good rooms, but this hotel is far away, I asked you what is better, closer, but worse is the number, or further, but with a good number, - Nastya rattled off, going into details that were not interesting for Sergey and which were, in fact, frank nonsense. But Nastya told about it, with such enthusiasm, as if she was rolling mountains, while she did such petty work as she simply ordered a number that was originally intended.

And Sergey would like to note that the work done is not something out of the ordinary.

- Well, what is there, in the end, he ordered the hotel, about which I spoke at the very beginning, - he said, having dulled in documents.

Nastya fell silent a bit, noticing how little her efforts were evaluated.

- But, well done, that has bothered to improve. Although it was possible immediately to the Hotel Pallas. In general, a good, normal hotel, fits, - very carefully, Sergey softened and summed up such a neutral result, so that Nastya would not feel the utter uselessness of her work.

Sergey has been on a business trip for a week. In it, he sometimes thought of Nastya. He analyzed how she hooked him, why she, he offered a job, and not to the girl who attracted him very much. Without changing his character, he modeled in his head what would happen if he invited another girl, and what would happen when he wanted another girl? Such thoughts visited him in the evenings when, after meetings, he came to his hotel room, poured himself some whiskey, which he prudently took a bottle with him.

A couple of days later, he received an SMS from Nastya, in which she asked him about work topics. He began to write SMS. Then he stopped, realizing that it would be enough to explain long enough and easier to call. Why didn't he do it right away? As if afraid to hinder her with his call. But he is her boss, now working time. Sergey grinned at this initial stupidity, and just dialed her number. Her voice became already familiar and did not irritate as it once was long ago. They talked for about 10 minutes, discussing along the way the prices for a business lunch at the café, which sometimes went together for lunch together, a little higher. The very next day, Sergei's head was cleared of evening thoughts, and he plunged into work.

After his arrival, he rested for a day, just spending his time at home, almost never leaving. The next day he arrived at work. The business trip was successful, and Sergey was in high spirits. Nastya met him affably, as if she even missed a bit. She took the initiative, brought coffee to him. Sergey knew that yesterday was her first advance. She received 100,000 and now she was obviously extremely happy, and in reality she felt all the good fortune she was able to catch by getting a job here. This joy came from everywhere. Nastya sat down and began to tell the news office for the week. Sergei listened with a smile to the story, which in places turned into some sort of “woman's” gossip. But it even amused him.

“Okay, come on, stop talking, it's time to work,” said Sergey, but he did it with a small smile, so as not to offend Nastya.

The day was nearing its end. Sergei sat and recalled the events a week ago. He still remembered those feelings that then arose in him, but they gradually began to erode. And he wanted to rekindle those feelings again. But in order for them to appear, it was necessary to increase the degree of tension. Increase the degree of vulgarity and humiliation.

He had already thought of what he would write to her this time. Again, with the same scrupulousness, he pondered this phrase, savored and imagined how Nastya would read it and how she would perceive, how shame and pride would tickle her stomach. And how she wants to please and scared to disappoint him.

He took his phone. Familiar sensations began to fill him again. He smiled ... as if ashamed of himself. But it was like a drug. He understood that if he did not do this, then the sensations would immediately disappear instantly. His delays had already begun to dilute the pleasant languor, the light warmth filling his body. Therefore, she wrote a message to warm feelings:

"Nastya, can you cook your gut for anal tomorrow?"

He looked at this message. I reread it again and again, the breath was intercepted, and he could not even easily inhale the air again after exhaling. The task was harder ... and rougher ... He smiled once more, squeezed his lips to somehow keep a smile, but he could not. The tips of the lips themselves moved apart.

He pressed to send and immediately put the phone.

"Uuuuh" - exhaled with tension.

He was pulling his phone in his hands, waiting for an answer. A minute later the answer came. He still hesitated, stretching the tension, which did not allow exciting excitement to cool, maintained the desired temperature.

And so he opened her message and read, all with the same spreading smile that he was trying to hold back:

"Well, I can))".

These brackets clearly hid the pride that was hurt by Nastya, but at the same time she tried to show .

that's all right She had never used them in the SMS, which she wrote to him.

Long-awaited for Sergey the next day. He started as usual, warmly greeted Nastya, she tried to look as if nothing had happened, smiled and laughed. But she did this more than usual, than she showed her excitement and depression, and with her behavior she only tried to pretend that everything was fine. Even not so much for Sergey, as for herself, and did it even seem like quite natural, so that it would be easier for the very same to believe that these are not simulated emotions.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, she entered Sergey's office. Not in a loud, slightly guilty voice, she asked:

- Well ... Seryozh, I will go then?

- Um ... What? - Sergey was distracted from the monitor and looked at her, - went? - And obviously waiting for the continuation of the conversation from her.

- Well ... There, get ready ... well, yesterday you wrote. I will come to seven, somewhere. You will be here?

- Oh yes! Of course. Yes, yes, go, - as if apologizing even rattled Sergey.

Nastya hurried home.

“What have you gotten to?” You go home to cook your ass for anal. Have you always wanted this? And you do it with such zeal, ”Nastya’s inner voice resounded in her head. She could no longer drown him. Therefore, all the funny songs that she tried to hum herself, went against the background of this voice. She tried hard to consider this a very important assignment and treat it with all responsibility. At the same time, imagining how a member of her boss will be tight to enter her hole, which she did not often use for sex. “Well, it is necessary to suffer, in the end, this is not the worst thing that can be,” Nastya thought very loudly to herself to shout a voice in her head.

When she got home, she saw SMS on her phone. Opened and immediately read:

“Put on your short loose skirt and stockings, ok?”

"Good))," answered Nastya, and immediately took up her own preparations.

At seven o'clock she returned, as promised. All her gut is periodically compressed, then unclenched back. She went into the office to Sergey. He was obviously already waiting for her. Since I was not busy with anything, I immediately got up at the sight of her.

He approached her, put his arm around his waist and turned his ass to him. His hand quickly and easily lifted her skirt and stroked her buttocks. Then, a little rude, he led her to the table and rested on it.

- Bend down - he said quietly.

Nastya breast lay on the table.

- Only carefully, okay, Seryozh? - She asked depressedly.

- Yes, of course, I will be very careful, do not worry, - Sergey answered very politely and politely, which again made Nastya feel a little obliged.

- Do you remember when you worked together in a bank, sat in the same office? - suddenly gave Sergei.

“Er ... yes, of course I remember,” Nastya answered with artificial joy.

- Remember, I even tried to invite you on a date, somehow I brought a huge bouquet of roses to the table - everything was remembered by Sergei. He did it on purpose to hurt her more.

- Yeah ... it was so huge. I like this.

- But you did not go with me ... did not want?

Nastya fell silent. At this time, Sergei's hands fumbled on her ass, hooked her little white thongs and lowered them down and removed her. Fingers, Sergey climbed between her buns and began stroking there, touching that pussy, who was her anal hole, which Nastya carefully prepared for his penis.

- Yes, how to say ...? It did not work, then one, then another. - Nastya said the first thing that came to mind.

- Yeah ... there was a time. And with other bosses you did not have this, as now? - Sergey asked, continuing to stroke her with his fingers between his legs.

- No, it was not, - answered Nastya.

“I see ... spread your buns, please.”

- Yes, of course ... so? - Nastya hurried obediently to fulfill his instructions.

- A little more ... more ... yes, like this. So good.

Nastya very much spread her buttocks, that her anal hole slightly opened.

Sergey took a step back and began to take off his pants, then pants. All this time Nastya was standing with cancer and spreading her buttocks with her hands. Sergei came closer ... took his penis by the base of the fingers of his right hand, the second he put on her back.

“Hold on, hold on,” he said when he saw that Nastya began to relax her hands, “do not move them, otherwise I will be uncomfortable.”

He leaned the head of the penis to the hole, which instinctively squeezed feeling a touch. The head was all wet from excitement, so the lubricant was abundant.

He pressed on the anus, and the ring began to open slightly under the pressure of a member. Nastya felt a sharp pain when Sergey's head entered completely into the anus. She opened her mouth and involuntarily uttered a quiet cry, which she immediately tried to interrupt, which he almost turned into a hoarse. Sergey saw it and understood that it hurt her. He smiled, waves of excitement like a tide rolled over him. He continued to push his cock further. The pain in the anus intensified, Nastya found it difficult to hold her buttocks, and she put her hands away, one involuntarily rested in Sergey's stomach, and the second grabbed the edge of the table. This only provoked him more, he let go of his penis, who was already confidently holding onto Nastya’s booty, grabbed Nastya tightly around the waist and pushed her hips to completely plunge the cock into her ass. Resting hand Nastya could not prevent him from this. Having clung to her buttocks, he did not hesitate, leaned back and again pushed the member until it stops. With rhythmic movements, he began to fuck her, shaking the table on which Nastya lay. Into her eyes, involuntarily, tears began to wind up, she gritted her teeth and only snuffled, holding back screams and groans. The pain in the anus was wild, but Nastya endured it. Now it was too late to do something, so she just decided to endure. Sergey increased the speed, the member began to slide in the anus more freely.

“Mmm ... class ... so narrowly,” Sergey said when he was already in courage.

He slapped her on the buttock, then more. Tighter squeezing her waist and more and more driving her into her penis. The table was shaking, pens and pencils rolled off it, but that did not stop Sergei. He was no longer able to stop. And Nastya understood this. She understood that Sergey would hammer her anal to the last, until she finished it.

Orgasm did not have to wait long. Just before his attack, Sergey stretched out his arms and grabbed Nastya by the shoulders in order to press her closer to him.

- Do you mind if you cum in the ass, Nastyush? - Sergey asked, trying to speak softer and more polite.

“Yes, come on,” she answered with difficulty, keeping an even voice, she still had where he was going. She rather wanted to finish it. A couple of drops of tears from her eyes had already dropped on the table.

Sergey made a couple of powerful shocks, from which Nastya even arched her back, froze in that position and began to cum right into her gut. During ejaculation, he slightly pushed her onto the table to slightly stimulate his penis with movements ... and when all the sperm splashed into Nastin's ass, he exhaled and slowly pulled out the penis. As soon as the head came out, the ring of the anus immediately squeezed.

Nastya was breathing heavily. She continued to lie breast on the table, her legs gave way a little, but continued to stand with difficulty.

Sergei parted her buttocks with his hands and saw the tightly compressed little ring of the anus, slightly soiled by his sperm.

Nastya squeezed her ass to prevent sperm from flowing out.

Sergey departed and sat in his chair. Nastya rose from the table, trying not to show her face to Sergey. Has corrected the skirt and, having forgotten about shorts, went into a toilet.

Sergey still sat for some time without pants, his member had already fallen down, but he still had pleasant feelings of satisfaction. He put on pants and pants. Nastya was not 20 minutes. So he heard the clatter of heels. Nastya did not go to Sergei's office. Then he got up himself, took her panties from the table and walked out of his office to her.

Nastya was a bit bewildered and depressed.

- Nastya, you forgot here, here, - Sergey said very politely and handed her white thong to her.

- Oh, yes, here they are, thank you, - said Nastya with a tight smile and with false emotions of joy, from the found panties. Although she already knew that they stayed there, she was ready to go home without panties, but just not to go into Sergei's office and not see him. Not because she was angry at him ... rather, she was just ashamed.

- Are you okay? - Just politely asked Sergey.

- BUT? Yeah, of course. Will I go? - She asked.

- Nearly...

He came close to her, pressed her waist and kissed her on the lips. She did not move away, answered him for a kiss. They stood and kissed, and Nastya was in no hurry to interrupt the kiss. Seconds after ten, Sergey himself broke away from her lips. Nastya laughed a little, more from surprise than from some kind of joy.

- If you want, take a day off tomorrow. In general, see for yourself. - Said Sergey, stroking her ass again.

“Well ... well, I'll see,” she smiled. Then she took her purse and slowly went to the exit, clattering on her heels.
This sketch ends. It is not a full story, but only demonstrates a certain passage from the life of the characters, so it does not have a clear logical conclusion, I interrupt its narration when the game showed what I had in mind.